Why PPH Global Per Head?

  • PPHGlobal.com has been in business since 2007!
  • PPHGlobal.com are confident in their ability to offer competitive prices and excellent line management
  • PPHGlobal.com offers some of the best promotions in the market today
  • PPHGlobal.com offers a 24/7 customer service call center staffed with professionally trained clerks


Location: Costa Rica Phone: $15 Internet: $13 AVG Hold %: N/A Casino: YES 0% (comm.) Racebook: YES (FREE) Current Promos: 2 FREE WEEKS

PPHGlobal offers 24/7 customer service call center staffed with professionally trained clerks and supervisors to handle any problem.

PPH Global

Call 1-877-209-6145
Int 1-877-209-6145

Email info@pphglobal.com

Dr. PPH Global Review

When I examined PPHGlobal.com, I found their Customer Service Staff well trained and informed about their services. The representative knew how to answer my basic questions and when I asked the more indepth questions about the software provider, types of bets, among others, they really passed this Customer Service test with flying colors. Very few Per Head Call centers have the level of professionalism that PPH Global brings to the table.

Their rates are competitive with other price per head companies and provide substantial discounts for agents with packages of 50 players or more. The price range starts at $15 on the telephone, $13 online and 3% for the casino. Advance payments equal very attractive discounts for agents: $12 on the telephone, $10 online and 0% for the casino. Their Special Prices for packages of 100 or more are also something to be considered and is considered their VIP program.

PPHGlobal.com promotions make a lot of common sense. They offer 1 free testing-the-service week but if the agent joins with more than 25 clients he gets 2 free weeks, and if your package is greater than 50, they also throw in a totally free website.

More about PPHGlobal.com

PPHGlobal.com is a price per head service provider offering Sportsbook, Casino, and Racebook Per Head Services. It´s located in Costa Rica and has been a trusted service provider since 2007.

PPHGlobal.com has established itself as one of the best price per head companies that we can find on the market today. They are confident in their ability to offer competitive prices, excellent line management, quality customer service, and user friendly software. Customers are also able to offer their own private label (skins) to give customers a more unique feel.

PPHGlobal offers 24/7 customer service call center staffed with professionally trained clerks and supervisors to handle any problem.

They use DGS software for sports, horses, and casino. This allows for a seemless transition as players go back and forth between sports and casino.

DR. Pay per Head asked them about websites skins, domains, 800 numbers for agents, and promotions to verify what they state on their website andcould not find inconsistencies. They are a serious company which appears to offer gaming experience with great customer service skills.

Spanish Market is a Plus. Price Per Head Global (PPHGlobal.com) has moved ahead from many others providing services to the Latin American market. With a website in Spanish and a soccer selection unmatched by other PPH companies they seem to have a product that will thrive in Mexican and South American markets. They offer agents phone numbers, Spanish language sites, Spanish speaking clerks, and even a live chat focused on the Latin market.

Users can be informed or take advantage their Facebook & Twitter exclusive promotions. The amount of work done by PPHGLOBAL is evident in Facebook with over 1,500 related friends in the industry. Check out their Facebook Page

Dr´s overall conclusion

In the latest DR diagnostic we like how the layout looks because it is not highly packed with images and it gets down to the point. They show relevant content areas and at first glance the site is easy to browse. There is a very convenient contact form on every page to facilitate contact from agents. The website in general is agreeable and we recomend this service.