It is case closed. Kidnappers of an important Sportsbook executive were captured.


On September 24, 2018, while leaving his office in San Jose, Costa Rica, an important executive of a big Sportsbook was kidnapped. On September 25, his wife reported him missing, after receiving an extortion call on the same night of the 24th, where she was asked to pay $ 750,000 in Bitcoins for ransom. Since then there has been an investigation that involved the judicial authorities of Costa Rica, the US FBI and the Civil Guard of Spain.

According to reports, a person close to the victim would have hired the gang that perpetrated the kidnapping, in order to extort the family of the victim to pay a ransom. The victim's family agreed to pay the ransom and deposited $ 750,000 through 3 virtual wallets.

After the payment, none of the agencies involved in the investigation could move forward in the case. Until October, when two former FBI agents hired by the victim's family managed to find the victims body.

More recently the authorities of the judicial investigation agency of Costa Rica (OIJ) were able to trace one of the IP addresses that accessed one of the virtual wallets, which allowed them to track and locate those involved in the kidnapping.

In coordination with the Civil Guard of Spain, this January 11 the capture of the 3 leaders of the kidnapping took place in Zaragoza, Spain. They now will be transferred to Costa Rica to face the trial and condemnation.

Also during this January 11, several members of the gang that executed the kidnapping were captured across all Costa Rica.

Although unfortunately, the victim died, at least justice will be done.
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