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Cryptocurrency Beyond Bitcon For Bookies


By now you have to accept that bitcoin is here to stay, the crypto currency gains popularity every day and more and more people are starting to understand and use this form of digital money. For the betting industry, the crypto currency offers a vast number of benefits, like quick deposits and faster transactions between players and bookies, that's the reason why bookies should follow closely everything that happens with the crypto currency. 

 In the past we have talked about bitcoin, but there is a new crypto currency every day, and it claims that is going to be the next big thing, thus if you don't have enough information you can get lost and end up buying a crypto currency that is worthless and won't work for your bookie business. 

 That's why we put together a list of the most popular crypto currencies in the betting industry right now: 


This digital currency is a project under license of the MIT and was created as an alternative of Bitcoin, with major improvements like a faster processing chain. Each task takes about 2.5 minutes unlike the 10 minutes of bitcoin, that means you get the confirmation of a transaction faster. The litecoin network produces 4 times more units than bitcoin and the mining of the coin is easier, meaning that it can be more popular than bitcoin, that requires high end hardware for mining. 


This cryptocurrency was created as a joke currency, but it quickly developed its own online community, that mostly uses the currency as an internet tipping system, mostly social media users that grant Dogecoins tips to other users for their content. Dodgecoin sponsored NASCAR driver Josh Wise in 2014. 


Or ether, as the token is known, was created by a programmer that argued that Bitcoin needed a more general scripting language. Today is one of the most popular cryptocurrenceis aside bitcoin. 

 This tree digital currencies are accepted by some Sportsbooks right now, so there is a player base that is already familiar with the transaction of this kind of money, so if you are thinking on starting to deal with digital money, these are good options to look for. 

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