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From Super Bowl to Winter Olympics


This year February is a very special month for bookies, since offer two main sports events were bookies can make a big profit, we are talking about the Super Bowl and the Winter Olympics, the first event appeals more to USA bettors, but the second event is more for global gamblers.

Since both events are quite big, this demands more planning from bookies, so here are some recommendations on how to make a smooth transition from the Super Bowl madness to the Winter Olympics action.

Update your Betting Site
The first thing you must do is update all the graphics and information on your betting site, some bookies leave banners and promotions exclusive for the Super Bowl for two or three weeks on their betting site after the big game. Our recommendation is that you get rid of that and replaced with information, banners, and promotions for the Winter Olympics. You may also want to feature a page of general information about the 7 sports that are played at this Olympics, thus some people may not be very familiar with those.

Use TV Schedule
Find out which sports are going to get more TV coverage and feature those on your betting site; remember that the most popular events are the ones that attract more players.

Find your Target
Winter Olympics can be a great opportunity to hit new markets outside the U.S with your betting site, we recommend that you focus in countries that win lots of medals like Switzerland, Sweden, Poland and Canada.

Prepare for the Sprint
Winter Olympics are a special event that happens every four years, this means that you need to attack this event like you are on a race, doing a sprint to run as fast as you can and make the most out of the occasion. Since there are sports events every day for almost 17 days, wager options are updated daily for each event you may need extra help to run your bookie operation to keep track of every bet, setting wager limits and so on. 

Finally, the most important element you need is a good Pay Per Head provider that offers a wide range of betting options for the winter Olympics.

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