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How to launch your betting business globally.


Pay Per Head bookies have all the tools and platforms to launch their betting business globally. But there are just a few bookies that take the step of internationalizing their business because the rest do not know where to start. To help these bookies to enter new markets, expand their operations and increase their monthly income we present a series of recommendations to be a global bookie.
Choose the markets
The first step in having a global betting business is to choose which markets you want to work with. The bookies must conduct exhaustive research to identify markets that are attractive to the business, either because they are countries where sports betting is booming or because local suppliers do not provide the services that bettors are looking for. Once the market that the bookie wants to work has been identified, it will be easier to define an expansion and positioning strategy that allows the bookie to attract customers in that market.
Consider the culture and behavior of punters
The UK gamblers are not equal to those of Australia, their culture and behavior are very different, the bookie must take these factors into account when entering a new market, as it must adapt and contextualize its betting business based on these factors in order to provide a good service. Having a good Pay Per Head provider is key to being able to accomplish this task more easily. Pay Per Head companies allow bookies to create and manage several betting sites at the same time, so the bookie can create an exclusive betting site for each of the markets that he wants to serve. In addition, the Per Head companies have a multilingual staff that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to assist punters of any nationality.
Try several betting options
Once you are already serving an international market with your betting site, it is important to try the promotion of several types of betting options and not only those that are most sought after by that market. In this way, you can discover new trends that will allow you to grow the profits of your business.
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