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MLS also gets on the betting boat.


To stay competitive in the business world you have to adapt quickly to changes, it's a matter of innovating or dying. With the great transformation that is taking place in the US betting industry thanks to the lifting of the ban to sports betting, many companies, and even the leagues have seen the need to get closer to the world of gambling in order to stay ahead and take advantage of the public's enthusiasm for legal bets.
In the last few weeks, we received news that the MLS will get on the betting boat through a sponsorship alliance with a betting firm. The information was revealed by Major League Soccer Commissioner Don Garber who is very positive about the effect that legal bets can have on attracting a larger audience and raising the ratings of MLS games since fans will be able to get more excitement and action from the games.
It seems that the alliance between the MLS and the betting industry will begin with a stadium that bears the name of a betting firm. Gaber said "If there's a possibility with a gaming company, one of our stadiums, I'm all for it. We're in a process of getting close to a major league-wide sponsorship with a respected gaming company, and I'm very supportive of that "
The alliance between the MLS and the betting industry is great news for Pay Per Head bookies, as this is one of the sports that has grown the most in popularity in recent years with a 71 percent increase in ratings from 2017 to 2018. In fact, in 2018 the final of the Philip F. Anschutz Cup broke audience records with 1.56 million viewers. Which means that there is a huge potential market out there that thanks to the alliance will now feel more confident to find a betting site where to place their bets.
Bookies that want to take advantage of the betting boost the MLS will experience must ensure that they have a good Pay Per Head partner that provides them with varied and attractive betting options for MLS games.
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