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Money Vampires that Can Ruin a Bookie


Money vamps are those seemingly harmless behaviors and transactions that slowly but surely suck the life out of the bookie finances, money vamps can affect even seasoned bookies, but the most common victims of this cash killers are noob bookies that are starting in the industry and don’t have experience on how to build their gambling business the right way. 


If you are starting in the gambling business and do not want to be another victim of the money vamps be aware of the following: 



Some bookies start their business with the belief they would need a large staff of people handling the everyday operation like customer services and odds-making, but having an outsized payroll from the start will dry your cash flow and bankroll in a matter of months. The best way to avoid this situation is by sign up with a reliable pay per head provider, by doing this you would have a complete staff of customer services clerks that are betting experts and will handle all your bettor requires 24 hours a day. Working along with the clerks there is a team of odd makers, which will provide you with the best betting lines and options to feature on your betting site. 


Software and Web Development 

This is the biggest money vampire bookies will face on their career and the one that can break their business. If a bookie decides to go solo and hired a software development company or team to build a betting management software and their betting site, this can be way to expensive, the average cost for a betting management software is about $85,000 for a basic product and can take almost a year to have a completely functional version. Pay per head providers offers a complete set of tools for bookies that includes a betting management software that is fully functional and that have been built under the supervision of seasoned betting experts that know exactly what a bookie needs. Also, pay per head providers will help bookies to create a beautiful betting site. 


Pay per head providers is the best way to avoid money vamps because all their services cost as a low as $8 per month per player. 

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