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Betting Management Software, Types of Reports?


Information is power, if you get the right information at the right time you have the power to make the right decisions and moves that will protect your business and keep your operation profitable. 

 One of the biggest benefits of being a pay per head bookie is that you have access to a ton of information that will help you run your betting business flawless. The information you get from the betting management software is in real time and is available 24 hours a day, the 7 days of the week, meaning that you won't miss any move or bet that takes place in your betting site. 

 There are many types of reports within the betting management software, but the most popular among seasoned bookies are: 

 Player History 

This a complete archived history of players activities, this report shows detail information about time of the bet, if the player bets by phone or internet, odds and line details, results, sport/event and risk/win amounts. 

? With this kind of report you will understand what type of player you are dealing with, what he likes and discover insight betting habits that will help you create better strategies to serve each type of player. 

 Cash Flow 

You have to keep an eye on the money, and with the cash flow report you will see all the details about cash transactions by player account. This report will help you spot the high spender bettors and bonuses credited to players to keep track of your marketing campaigns' popularity and of course the amount of money that is entering your business. 

 Hold Percentage 

Your money stream means nothing if you can cover your operation cost, that's why the cash flow report should be checked along with the hold percentage report, this will give you a detailed breakdown of your profits; you can check this report over any time period by wager type or by players. 

 This tree reports are the basic ones you should follow, but you also need to realize what kind of information is important to you and use the betting software to get that information. 

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