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Chasing the Money, Increase your Profit with Casino Games


The online gambling is a $47 billion industry by 2017 and it grows at 11 to 15% per year, which means there is plenty of room and money for new bookies to enter the game.

The common believed although is that most of that money comes from Sports Betting, the truth is that there are several money streams Bookies can use to increase their monthly profits, the most important one is Casino Games. For example in the offline or traditional gambling industry over 85% of the profits come from slot machines. What is true for land-based wagering parlors is true for betting websites, where bookies can make 70% of their profit from online casino games.

How this works and bookies can make money from Casino Games?
In sports betting there are several external factors that can affect the outcome of a game and may turn the balance of the odds in favor of the player. Even when bookies have tools and strategies to keep that balance, there is a probability to lose against the bettors.

Unlike that, casino games offer a better chance to always win, since these games use a computer software, that randomly generates the outcomes, for example in a slot machine this software is programmed to show up a bar symbol with a probability of 1/10 and the winning combination with a probability of 1/20. With these probabilities in mind, game designers can calculate the chances of every combination to show up and program the payoff with a mathematical edge for the house over the player.

This doesn’t mean that this kind of games are fixed in a way that the house always wins, in fact, the logic behind using these probabilities is that players need to play several times in order to win. For example, if the machine is programmed to pay 4000 to 1, then a player makes 6000 spins at $1 per spin, means that the player won $4000 after spending $6000, which leaves the bookie with a profit of $2000.

Eventually, there is going to be a winner, which is good for the bookie because this means there are bettors playing several times, and losing money several times.

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