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New Year’s Strategies for Bookies


The starting of a new year is great opportunity to revise your business and plan new strategies to tackle the upcoming 11 months to achieve more clients, growth your income or just be a better bookie.

To help bookies stand out in the gambling industry here some recommendations:

Learn From the Past

A common mistake among business owners is to focus only on the future, but there a lot of lessons you can learn from the past in order to improve your business. Bookies that are partner with a reliable Pay Per Head provider can easily take a look at their past through the reporting tool of the betting management software. We recommend that you create a report where you can see: how much you player base growth each month? What month was the best? Which sport is the most popular among your player base? This kind of data can help you to establish goals for the New Year and keep track if your business is growing or is stranded.

Take Notes of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Recap what strategies you put in practice last year, for example, if you spot a great month from the reports, try to remember what you did in that month that may result in those good results, maybe you ran a great marketing campaign on social media or you offered a juice bonus for bets. Do the same for the bad moments you suffered last year, recall what happened during that period. The idea of this exercise is to create a list of the best practices you haved last year in order to replicate those strategies in the new year.

Use one or two days to undertake this task and analyze as much data as you can about your performance and behavior last year. Then set goals and strategies for the next year. You may think that doing this may be a waste of time, but believe us that the results you get when you know deeply your business are amazing and you can aim to overtake the big names in the industry. 

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