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The Future is Here, Gambling in the Digital Era


A few years ago, people only dream about, wrist watch phones, videocalls, smart houses and self-driving cars to name a few. Those kinds of concepts were only seen in sci-fi movies and the possibility of those products exist was remote. But the technology advances very fast and today many of that "distance future" products are available to the public, and they are shifting the consumption habits of people, especially in what they expect from a company in terms of customer services and user experiences. 

Take for example Uber, they promise of Tap the App and Get Picked Up in Minutes, is changing the expectations of people towards waiting for a service, now people want a solution within minutes and with just a few clicks or taps. 

The same happens with the Amazon Dash Buttons, you can restock your groceries and other household supply by just clicking a button.  

Since so many companies are making the life of people so easy, they expect the same from all the companies they have to deal whit, and that includes bookies. At very moment one company fails in to deliver the quality of service the clients want, they lose that client forever. 

Giving this scenario bookies have to work with a reliable pay per head partner in order to make the jump into the digital era. Even when there are lots of bettors that still like to place their bets over the phone, online betting and mobile betting is on the rise and in a couple of years, it would surpass traditional betting. 

Make the transition to digital gambling is not easy, that’s the reason why the figure of a reliable pay per head partner is important since they have all the staff and know-how to guide and assist the bookie in the whole process of transforming their betting business in a digital one. Bookies who are not tech-savvy can relax, since they don’t have to deal with complex technical decisions, the engineers from the pay per head provider will take care of everything. 

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