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UK offline casinos are dying, this is a great opportunity for bookies.


UK offline casinos face great challenges to attract and retain their customers due to the strict regulations that have been implemented in the country. While these regulations have been implemented to have a more secure environment in the casinos and keep criminals and money laundering away from the floors of the casinos. They have also had a negative effect on regular players since for example players now have to show where the funds they used to play come from, this means that if a player wants to bet the inheritance left by his grandfather, he will have to show the death certificate of his grandfather together with the will where he indicates that he is the beneficiary of that inheritance. This process excessive and invasive has bothered many players who prefer to keep their private lives separate from the bets.

The over-regulation is added to social situations such as wage inflation, which are affecting the operation of UK casinos and are pushing them to a rather difficult situation to operate since the flight of players does not allow them to maintain stable income for paying their operations expenses.

Why is this a great opportunity for bookies?

Bookies that have a good Pay Per Head provider can take advantage of this situation because, unlike offline casinos, bookies do not have to pay such a high operating cost. UK offline casinos like casinos in any other country have a high operating cost, which corresponds to payments of mortgages or rents for the building where they operate, employees, expenses such as electricity and taxes make keeping the operation of an offline casino very expensive.

Bookies that have a good Pay Per Head partner can operate an online casino with a large number of games and without limit of the players they can attend, all at an extremely low operating cost.

UK players are changing offline casinos for online casinos, where their privacy is not compromised. This is the perfect opportunity for bookies to promote their online casino to UK players, In this way, bookies can expand their betting business in this territory. 

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